Let Lend Plus Help You Every Step of the Way with Your For Sale by Owner Process

Lend Plus ReviewsThe minute you decided to do a “For Sale by Owner” (FSBO) route to sell your home, your real estate agent hat should have gone on. In the FSBO process, you are essentially the real estate agent. This means you assume all of the responsibilities that a traditional agent would when it comes to listing, selling, and closing your home. It’s time to get your hands dirty and think about the bigger picture when you are this involved in the process.

The FSBO route can seem like a daunting task at first, but with the right help on your side, it can become a much smoother process than anticipated. One way to make this process easier is by securing a lender to join your team.

As the agent on this property, it’s your responsibility to garner as much attention to the listing as possible. While driving traffic is great, you want to make sure that you are driving the right traffic to your listing. It’s common to have nosy neighbors and people who just want to see the house stop by. Your focus should be on engaging potential qualified buyers. This is where a lender comes into play.

A lender, like Lend Plus, reviews potential buyers to determine their approval odds. They can help answer questions regarding their finances and how to finance the home. Having a lender on your team, whether by displaying business cards or having an officer on site during the open house can help speed the process along. If potential qualified buyers don’t already have a lender, your first-hand experience with the loan officer makes an excellent referral source. This gives potential buyers a sense of comfort when dealing with the officer and ultimately your home.

By adding a loan officer to FSBO team, you can create a seamless selling process between you and the potential buyer. This helps to save both time and money, and is a great resource to have. The process of selling your home is hard enough without unnecessary curve balls being thrown at you. You need as much help as possible and teaming up with a loan officer from Lend Plus is the exact help you need.

For more information on how Lend Plus can help you with an FSBO process, be sure to visit lendplus.com.

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